While walking down the street do you ever happen to notice the clothes of those passing by?
Noticing the colour, cut, print?
Do you ever happen to be so captivated by this image it keeps popping up in your head for days?
Were you ever racking your brain as to what should you give as a gift? So as not to be banal?
Surely you answered “yes” to most of these questions.
So did we some time back. And came up with art-boutique MATO.

We use the art works of Masha Topaz in our collections. She’s quire well-known as a journalist.

Фото 2

Or as the wife of KVN founder Sergey Muratov.

But Masha’s first profession was an artist. She has created hundreds of works. Drawings, etchings, prints. A lot of them are in museum collections. A lot of them are displayed at prestigious exhibitions. A lot of them became illustrations in books and magazines. For example, in “Murzilka” magazine of the USSR fame.

We know for certain that our life should hold as many positive emotions as possible. We are ready to give you these emotions. That’s why we have found the designers, draftsmen, seamstresses whose work quality gives no reason to worry.

Enjoy everything you purchase here.

Respectfully yours. Kirill. General Manager of MATO. And Masha’s son.